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What going on outside my studio?

What going on outside my studio?

We are back from our month-long Djerassi Resident Artists’ Program. We had an amazing experience in the lofty studio where we lived and worked intensively, while surrounded by rolling hills, sweet nature smells, deer, and ocean vistas from our perch in northern CA. It was an honor to join the seven other artists in other media (writers and visual artists) on this creative journey. We created the foundation for much of what we will present at our full-length premiere of IRON at the Ford Amphitheatre on FridayAugust 13, 2010. Enjoy these photos from the Djerassi barn, and we hope to see you in Hollywood at The Ford on August 13!


Photos by Amanda Boggs

Inspiration in the Djerassi Barn

Inspiration in the Djerassi Barn

in the lofty Djerassi Dance Studio

in the lofty Djerassi Dance Studio

Jumping For Joy outside our Djerassi studio

Jumping For Joy outside our Djerassi studio
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What’s Up With Catch Me Bird

Solar One Dance Festival, New York 2009
Derrick and NeharaWe hope this update is reaching you well and happy. There is so much happening with our dance|theater|reality performances, and we want to share all the news with you.

We called in live on KPCC’s AirTalk last Thursday. In less than one minute, we managed to plug our upcoming Ford Amphitheatre premiere on August 13 and call each other “totally insane”! In case you missed it, here it is!

Yes – living, working, and creating together (art that’s about this whole process) is totally insane, and you get to witness the results in form of contemporary & aerial dance, dialogue, and multi-media on Friday August 13, 2010 at the Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood. IRON is the element associated with the sixth anniversary, and we are inspired by the metaphors of this essential ingredient in plant, animal, and celestial bodies. Learn about our fundraising for IRON premiere here.

Check out our in-depth interview by Rachel Levin in ExploreDance this week!

Catch Me Bird is the finale on the CELEBRATE DANCE! festival program this Saturday, March 13 at 8pm. See nine dance companies in one fabulous evening at The Alex Theatre in Glendale.

Derrick & Nehara are having a blast teaching special dance-theater workshops to less-privileged youth and families in Los Angeles, funded by the Artist-In-Residence grant from LA Department Of Cultural Affairs. Luckily, our grant was only slashed by 10%, and we can continue to bring most of this transformational programming to the community. If you would like to help us recover the balance and complete our full educational mission, please click here to see our Double The Learning Drive.

The Gift Of Time – This is on offer at the Djerassi Artists’ Residency Program, an international artists’ ranch in central California. Nehara & Derrick were awarded a place in this historic program, to develop choreography for IRON in March – April in the Djerassi studio. We are seeking funds that will allow us both to take full advantage of this intensive residency in our Creative Seeds Challenge.

TOHUBOHU! is total free improvisational performance, an exhilarating creation of Rachel Rosenthal, presented monthly at Espace DBD. Nehara & Derrick are lucky to have Rachel as a mentor, as many of you remember her rising up high in the air with us as she ministered our vows in our debut Reality Performance. Nehara joins the TOHUBOHU! ensemble this season. Tickets Here

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P.S. We just heard that our aerial dance photo is published in today’s Los Angeles Times HOT LIST preview. Have a look here.

What is Catch Me Bird?

Catch Me Bird's wedding portrait!

Catch Me Bird's wedding portrait!

Equal parts reality show and high-powered contemporary dance, Catch Me Bird transforms the ups and downs of relationship into an artistic journey, which began with their performance wedding, “Vows in Mid Air” in a ceremony presided over by legendary performance artist Rachel Rosenthal.  C. Derrick Jones & Nehara Kalev explode the boundaries of art and life with aerial spectacle, verbal sparring and madcap humor  – taking you to the heart of a marriage that redefines strength in a union between two equals.

Love Takes Flight

Catch Me Bird (C. Derrick Jones & Nehara Kalev) debuted in 2004 at the historic Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles, when Derrick and Nehara created the reality performance,  “The Wedding Journey: Vows In Midair”, a combination of their actual wedding and evening of dance, theater, and aerial performance. Catch Me Bird’s mission is to develop the genre of “Reality Performance” by bringing real lives to the stage, through athletic contemporary dance, aerial choreography, and spoken dialogue. Catch Me Bird aims to expose the boundaries between art and life in works that chronicle evolving our personal relationship.  Through performances, master classes, residencies, special commissions, and educational projects, the duet-based company focuses on the act of collaboration as a springboard for human progress and growth.

Catch Me Bird’s artistic vision is based on the actual marriage of the two artistic directors/ performers, and the shifting dynamics between the public spectacle and the personal reality. The audience is invited to witness the hilarious and somber truths of committed partnership, providing a glimpse into the heart of a true collaboration. Catch Me Bird delivers intimate portraits, madcap scenes, and stunning visuals, in a daring mix that creates something inspiring for our current era of reality-obsessed entertainment.

Nehara Kalev & C. Derrick Jones (Artistic Directors/Performers) met in the MFA dance choreography program at UCLA and have continued creating performances by experimenting with contemporary dance, aerial arts, theater and improvisational techniques.  C. Derrick Jones and Nehara Kalev have been guest artists/ instructors/ choreographers at California State University, Los Angeles, The Heart Project, and UCLA Dance –Theater Intensive Programs.  They have received grants from The Durfee Foundation, The Flourish Foundation, and The Association Of Performing Arts Presenters Emerging Leaders Institute.  Jones and Kalev are providing special workshops supported by the 2009-10 Artist-In-Residence grant by the LA Dept of Cultural Affairs. They have created and performed with notable companies such as, Diavolo Dance Theater, The Rachel Rosenthal Company, De La Guarda, Project Bandaloop, Epiphany Productions, Axis Dance, Airealistic, Jess Curtis/Gravity, and David Rousseve/Reality. Look for the next work in their reality performance series, called “Conception”.  Yes, we really mean it!  Visit for photos, videos and updates.

Catch Me Bird in performance

Catch Me Bird in performance
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